introducing a new generation of ultra low energy 24 volt space heating systems using graphene super

We constantly update our product offerings and we are very pleased to become a distribution and sales partner for Nexgen heating systems, this is a revolutionary stem that offers low cost installation and ultra low running costs.

Nexgen is a new, unique radiant heating technology that provides extremely efficient low cost, high-energy, warming a room using radiant far Infrared rather than conventional gas, oil, LPG radiators

or electric heaters.

Infrared radiant heating systems work by emitting long wave Infrared Rays better known as FAR Infrared or Radiant Heat.

Radiant Heat is a completely safe invisible form of energy that only heats the surfaces of solid objects, walls, ceilings, floors and people. This is achieved by a conversion process and means that no energy is wasted by heating any of the surrounding air in the same way as conventional radiators, storage heaters or underfloor heaters.

Once a solid object heats up it radiates heat back into the surrounding air effectively turning your whole room and all objects and surfaces within it into a giant radiator. We benefit from this in several ways, we feel the effects of this type of heat almost immediately, no waiting for rooms to heat up.

Because we are heated directly this allows us to reduce the temperature in the room 2-3 degrees and still enjoy that same comfortable feeling but now with much smaller bills.

Traditional convection (radiators underfloor and panels) heating systems are notorious for circulating dust, pollen, spores and bacteria which can be harmful to our health. Using radiant heat the air remains still so that asthma and allergy sufferers are unaffected.

Far infrared heating is also used in many forms of physiotherapy, this type of energy stimulates micro-circulation by dilating blood vessels and capillaries. It enhances the delivery of fresh oxygen and nutrients to speed cellular repair and rejuvenation.

High energy-efficiency makes Nexgen a very eco-friendly heating solution. The energy fed into the heating foils is directly converted into heat, without energy loss and without producing any CO2. Because the heating foils are located directly under the wall, floor or ceiling covering, response times are significantly reduced. This saves energy, time, and money. Combined with renewable energies, Nexgen heating is a solution for today that meets the standards of tomorrow.

For more information about this amazing heating system call Phil Slater 07563 770981 or email

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