Modular Housing, off site is the future

Solving the housing crisis is a big one, successive governments have failed to build enough homes which in turn has affected house prices, young people are less likely to own there own home in this environment. Our simple 37 sqm apartment is built using the same Magnesium Oxide SIP panel system that we use to build houses, flats, schools etc. The unit meets current building regulations and is approved by NHBC, so is mortgageable.

Extra space for your home, office, gym or classroom, our modular buildings are adaptable to a wide variety of uses. Your Ecopod is delivered fully finished and ready to occupy, just connect services and move in!

Our high-performance Ecopod has exceptional levels of insulation combined with low running cost heating panels, low energy lighting and double glazing so you can use the space year round.

In most cases, planning permission will not be required and the Ecopod is so light that conventional foundations are not normally required.

We are agents for the Stop Digging ground screw foundation system removing the need for the traditional concrete slab or strips. See the video below, our Ecopod units can be supported by this solution. This may be useful in garden applications or sensitive building locations, National Park areas etc.

Our building system has CATG SIP Mark scheme approval. Our manufacturers are ISO9001 approved for our quality management system. Our manufacturers have ISO14001 certification for environmental management. All our engineered wood products have PEFC chain of custody certification. Our metal web eco joists are CE marked. Our manufacturers are full members of the STA.

For more information or a chat about your project call 01381 620708

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