14 Apartments in Lancashire

Work started last week on our clients site in Lancashire, this new project shows how flexible our kit manufacturing can be. The basic kit is an OSB SIP Panel overlaid with our Fireboard on the outer skin to take the finishing render and increase fire protection.

We can manufacture our SIP panel system using Magnesium Oxide (MgO) on both faces, OSB on both faces or a hybrid with MgO on the outer face and OSB on the inner face.

MgO is rated A1 Non Combustible see my previous article on this here. Using MgO removes the need for an outer leaf (block or brick), render, brick slips or timber cladding can be applied directly to the panel, which means thinner built wall and larger internal volumes on the same footprint.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) sheathing board is a fireproof, highly water resistant alternative. Our MgO system is around 10% more expensive than the standard OSB but there are many advantages. The panel (shown in the illustration above) will, in some cases be the finished wall. Render can be applied directly to external walls or battens can be affixed for timber cladding, brick slips can also be directly applied. Internally, if the wall has no services, plumbing or electrics etc, then the panels can be taped, filled and painted, we will soon have panels with integrated service ducts.

Our building system has CATG SIP Mark scheme approval. Our manufacturers are ISO9001 approved for our quality management system. Our manufacturers have ISO14001 certification for environmental management. All our engineered wood products have PEFC chain of custody certification. Our metal web eco joists are CE marked. Our manufacturers are full members of the STA.

For more information or a chat about your project call 01381 620708

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