Keeping up to speed with a CPD session

Starting to book new sessions all over the UK, contact me if you'd like to learn more about how our SIP build system works and the integrated products we can supply.

The industry is changing and our response to this will determine our future. We've developed an innovative new way to build and are offering all architects, builders and developers the chance to book a CPD event to learn about how they can adapt to the future of construction. We're happy to come along to present to your team, this can be at lunchtime if that suits you better and there's no charge, we even buy the sandwiches.

The revolution is here, we initially launched our product at Ecobuild in March 2015 and the interest has far exceeded expectations, generating business from across the UK and Ireland.

See the product overview – or contact Phil Slater – phil@ecoenvelope, follow us on Twitter @thermalenvelope

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