Build Project: Aviemore, Scotland

Proving any new system is difficult and persuading a conservative construction industry to think about new ways to build is even harder. We had over 100 architect visit the site and have delivered countless CPD sessions.

So what have we learned from all of this. Initially the build system was manufactured in Romania, this presented logistical and quality problems, so we moved manufacturing to the UK. Secondly, the certification of the MgO board that made up the outer skin of the SIP panels was crucial. Cheap MgO board will fail and the only board that we have found is imported through an Australian company who have financial and manufacturing control of the factory in China (it's all produced in China).

Thirdly, there was too much timber in the initial engineering, the house above proves the point, the roof needed to support 4 tonnes, a structural engineer told us after visiting the site that this structure would support 20 tonnes! So a little over engineered, which obviously impacts on cost.

Where are we now? Smarter, cleaner and leaner. We now have one of the most certificated products in the UK. Our solution for a complete, highly efficient thermal envelope using advanced building materials and products delivers buildings that cost less to heat and maintain, whilst cutting build times, site waste and labour.

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