Blauberg A rated decentralised MVHR

We all know that most new buildings will require mechanical heat recovery and ventilation and the regulations will at some point make this a requirement in all new buildings due to the airtightness of the build. Ecoenvelope are very pleased to be able to supply the German built decentralised Blauberg system, most units are A rated, some are A+.

A decentralised system means no ducting is required, with all the cost and problems that can arise with ducted systems. The units can be linked together and controlled via wifi using a smartphone app.

Ventilation systems with heat recovery are particularly efficient and provide fresh air and a pleasant living environment in every room. For supply and exhaust ventilation, all rooms of the apartment or house can be equipped with heat recovery devices.

For more information and costings contact me,

Phil Slater - or call for a chat 07563 770981

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