Integrated Thermal Envelope System

With ever more stringent building regulations on the horizon and the need for more housing, fast, construction needs to catch up. SIP panel construction will become the construction method of necessity in the next 10 years and now is the time to embrace the change. Today we launch Ecoenvelope, providing a build system that considers the whole thermal envelope of a building.

Standard SIP panels are made from OSB and we can now supply a high-performance OSB SIP panel using German sourced Egger board and carbon treated EPS insulation. Off-site manufacturing is increasing exponentially and our core business is the manufacture, delivery and erection (if required) of our Magnesium Oxide (MgO) SIP panel build system. The MgO kit along with thermal slab, doors, windows and an innovative decentralised ventilation system make up the integrated thermal envelope, up to Passivhaus standard, see for details of the components.

Manufactured in the UK, all of our integrated build systems are supplied with full structural engineering along with any structural elements (steel beams, load posts, ridge beams etc.). The complete 'kit' is delivered to site, including all screws and fixings, any breather membranes and tapes (not required for MgO), intermediate floor joists and floor covering, internal wall frames and a construction guide. Essentially this will be an assembly project, no waste on site, fixed costing and most average house projects will be wind and watertight within a month!

Our system is approved by NHBC, Premiere, and LABC, giving customers access to a 10 year warranty with most providers.

Our building system has CATG SIP Mark scheme approval.

We are ISO9001 approved for our quality management system.

We have ISO14001 certification for environmental management.

All our engineered wood products have PEFC chain of custody certification.

Our metal web eco joists are CE marked.

We are full members of the STA

"Ecoenevlope is all about considering the complete thermal envelope. Using cutting edge products we can make buildings perform better in every way, that's good for architects, builders and those that will occupy the space we construct. with a host of new products and a range of standard house units on the horizon, I'm excited about launching this new business" Phil Slater, Managing Director

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