Introducing Fireboard - 2 hour fire rating from a single 12mm sheet

Where the Building regulations specify the need for a fire separation system, a level of fire separation needs to be determined according to the type of structure and the uses on either side of the wall, floor or ceiling structure.

Our Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Fireboard has a 120 minute fire rating for a single 12mm sheet. This eliminates the need for double sheeting plasterboard to achieve your desired fire rating. Material and labour costs are also reduced with a single sheet installation.

MgO Fireboard is also highly water resistant, mould resistant, has a high impact resistance and a high pull-out strength.

Our Magnesium Oxide board is fully tested and meets the following standards: EN1350 1-1;2007 A1, ISO 5660 - 1 2002, BS 476-4 1970, BS 476-5 1979, BS 476-6 1989 A1, BS 476-7 1997

These boards are used in the manufacture of the Ecoenvelope SIP Build System. UK manufactured, the system comprises 12mm MgO board on each outer face, the panels have a 4 hour fire rating, with a PUR or EPS foam insulation.

We have a technical brochure that illustrates how Fireboard can be used for internal and external lining, cladding for steel beams, joints and building details.

Contact: Phil Slater -

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