CPD sessions for visionary teams

Out and about in the last couple of weeks, working with Architects in London, Aberdeen and Corbridge. It's great to work with award wining architects and designers, we've developed a very innovative new way to build and are offering all architects, builders and developers the chance to book a CPD event to learn about how they can adapt to the future of construction. We're happy to come along to present to your team, this can be at lunchtime if that suits you better and there's no charge, we even buy the sandwiches! The principle of SIPs panels should have been a revolution in building, however this has been let down by the execution of current systems. Enter a new generation build system tha

Ecobuild? it used to be so good?

Is it me or is Ecobuild just boring these days? I mean nobody want's to go back to the days of 500 solar panel suppliers but I used to go to see new and innovative products. Off site manufacturing was there but not as much as I'd thought. The new owners of the show need to address this as the numbers at the show were pretty low again, hopefully it'll pick up later in the week. I'm in London for CPD sessions with several architect practices, if your team wants to learn more about our award winning Magnesium Oxide SIP build system: Call Phil Slater for a chat on 07563 770981 or email phil@ecoenvelope.co.uk We manufacture for large housing developments down to small extensions, send us a copy o

Evidence suggests that SIP construction saves between 10-20% in the overall build cycle

This is a cost driven industry and most clients want the most thermally efficient and fastest build for the least amount of money. However it seems that there’s either a logic bypass or off-site manufacturers are just not explaining their offering so that clients understand. Our sector is growing exponentially at the moment whilst traditional building methods continue to decline for obvious reasons, it’s slow, requires more skilled labour, weather dependency, extra unforeseen costs etc. etc. Most weeks someone tells me that we’re more expensive than other build methods, usual between 5-10% is the bottom line difference. However the evidence is clearly in our favour. Overall building with SIP

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