Blauberg A rated decentralised MVHR

We all know that most new buildings will require mechanical heat recovery and ventilation and the regulations will at some point make this a requirement in all new buildings due to the airtightness of the build. Ecoenvelope are very pleased to be able to supply the German built decentralised Blauberg system, most units are A rated, some are A+. A decentralised system means no ducting is required, with all the cost and problems that can arise with ducted systems. The units can be linked together and controlled via wifi using a smartphone app. Ventilation systems with heat recovery are particularly efficient and provide fresh air and a pleasant living environment in every room. For supply and

Zero waste, even at the factory.

Well almost, waste adds cost to our products and as part of the new circular economy we are committed to a zero waste policy. A good example of this is our off-cuts. All of our projects will require cutting and shaping elements that make up the complete thermal envelope. The off-cuts are stripped of the Magnesium Oxide(MgO) or OSB board, this is either recycled, MgO can be used as a soil amender in agriculture, the OSB is used to heat the factory space. The EPS insulation is melted down into blocks, see above and sold to China, where it is made into picture frames and other household products. Sustainability is key to producing our advanced build systems, call Phil Slater for a chat about yo

Metal Web Joists, in house manufacture

When we supply a kit for a house, an office or a school, all of the components required to assemble the shell to wind and watertight can be supplied. Standard shell kits will include walls, roof, internal wall framing, intermediate floor joists, membranes and fixings and fastenings. We include structural calculations and supply all structural elements required to assemble the building. Our Metal Web Joists are manufactured in house for each project, we also supply Egger flooring boards for each floor. The factory is paperless and the cutting machine decides which components to cut to minimise waste and maximise the use of timber. We are part of the new circular economy and seek out the most

The true cost of your construction

I think we're past the stage of thinking that building with blocks of materials, placing one on top of the other with a wet mortar to hold it in place is a good idea. Construction time, weather, on-site wastage, thermal performance, larger internal volumes, energy saving all point to off-site construction as the future for housing and commercial build. High-performance SIP systems are now replacing timber frame construction and here's why. The table below is an extract from a paper by Adam Meis, describing the cost comparison of SIP build compared to Timber frame. The paper discusses OSB against timber frame, our Magnesium Oxide (MgO) panel system adds more advantages to the SIP argument. Ap

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