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Fully Engineered SIP Build System

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Housing Development in Bristol
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SIP Panel Production

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What are SIP kits?

Our SIP panel kits are fully engineered and offsite manufactured. The SIP panel is made up of two high density facing boards which are bonded to a low density foam insulation core, this forms a very strong structural bond and creates a composite material (similar to an aircraft wing) that outperforms the load bearing capacity and insulation values of masonry or timber frame


Our build system uses 

Orientated Strand Board (OSB)

for the SIP panel facings.

All our systems are off-site manufactured to internationally recognised standards. The choice would depend on your building 

performance criteria.

Fully UK build compliant

Manufactured in the UK to CAT G ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards for design, manufacture, delivery and erection of buildings. Our build system is one of the highest certificated products in the UK which will allow third party warranties and guarantees including BOPAS, NHBC and LABC.


Rendering or attaching brick slips directly on to our panels using a carrier board will give larger internal volumes and eliminate an outer block work course. Combine this with our ultra low energy heating system, windows and ventilation systems to form a highly efficient thermal envelope.

SIP Panel kit
Ecoenvelope outstanding thermal perormance
Thermal Performance

Our panels are available in a range of panel thickness which alone achieves U-values of up to 0.12 W/m2K. When used within a thermal building envelope this will allow architects and designers to easily achieve performance up to Passivhaus standard. Standard wall thickness less than 200mm, easily outperforms timber frame and traditional build.


SIP panel build kit benefits:

Rapid deployment and build

Little on-site waste.

Outstanding thermal properties

Excellent acoustic performance

Prevents water infiltration

Recyclable, resistant to rot and vermin.

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High quality, high performance units

Viking Window is now an Estonian window/door manufacturer; our main products are outward opening, Nordic design, energy efficient and weather proof timber and aluclad windows.

We manufacture a wide range of custom designs available for profile and panel door leaves.

Our product range include Scandinavian style energy efficient and traditional doors and German style inward opening doors with triple or double glazing. Doors come equipped with threshold and multi point locking hardware (including cylinder). Aluclad units are available in any RAL colour.

Viking Window is the first to introduce outward opening, Nordic design Passive Window, certified by Passive House Institute in Germany.

Timber windows and doors to Passivhaus

Viking windows offer a range of timber and aluclad windows, doors, sliding doors, bi-folding doors up to Passivhaus standard.


The SW14 Passive Windows with 50 mm 3-glazing unit or insulated panel it's possible to achieve overall U-value Uw = 0.7 W/m2K.

Viking Window AS was established in 1996 as a joint venture with a Danish window manufacturer Rationel Vinduer.

Since the beginning company's activities have been focused on core values which are quality, bespoke products, accuracy and continuous improvement. In product quality we line according Vindus Industrien (Denmark) Technical Requirements which is considered the best practice in window industry.

High quality, high performance windows and doors in timber with Aluclad options. Available in a range of double and triple glazed profiles and a fully certified Passivhaus model. Any RAL colour finish.




Ultra low energy heating systems

Nexgen is a new, unique radiant heating technology that provides extremely efficient low cost, high-energy, warming a room using radiant far Infrared rather than conventional gas, oil, LPG radiators 

or electric heaters.

Infrared radiant heating systems work by emitting long wave Infrared Rays better known as FAR Infrared or Radiant Heat.


Radiant Heat is a completely safe invisible form of energy that only heats the surfaces of solid objects, walls, ceilings, floors and people. This is achieved by a conversion process and means that no energy is wasted by heating any of the surrounding air in the same way as conventional radiators, storage heaters or underfloor heaters.


Once a solid object heats up it radiates heat back into the surrounding air effectively turning your whole room and all objects and surfaces within it into a giant radiator. We benefit from this in several ways, we feel the effects of this type of heat almost immediately, no waiting for rooms to heat up.

Simple installation and 24 volt power consumption

Nexgen heating foils can be installed by any competent trades, painters, decorators,

drywall installers, plasterers, stucco masons, etc. No specialised electrical training is required as the heating system could simply be plugged in to an existing 220v electrical outlet or can be wired into a mains system (240v or 24v) by a competent electrician. 


If the system is connected to the 240v mains then a transformer will supply the 24-volt current to the panels. The low-tension current ensures risk-free installation and operation, while allowing you to hang paintings and other objects on the walls or ceilings.

Simple Installation
Fully controlable (wifi app)
Up to 50% energy savings
Zero maintenance
Graphene 100% heating surface
Silent running
100% energy efficient
24 Volt operation
Rapid heat up responses
Off grid solutions
Nexgen system.jpg


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